Tuesday, 10 June 2008


RSS can stand for Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary.
It is basically how things like are blogs are updated on the internet. It is the thing that lets you know when things you subscribe to are updated, if you subscribe to a blog then it tells you whenever there is a new entry or on bbc website you can subscribe to get news on certain things. Its kinda clever actually...

The symbol is:

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

to do...

I have this most amazingly ginormous to do list which is soo annoying. Yesterday I did everything on my to do list and I was all like "yay I'm all organised" I did loads of homework that is not due in for like a week and then forgot to do my IT which was due in today but maybe he will not notice... today my to do list is:

Chemistry Homework
History Homework
Finish RE
Tidy Room
Sync iPod
IT Homework
English Homework
Latin Homework
French Homework
Do exercises

Ok I have an appointment from 4-5, My mate over until swimming which is at 8. I will be surprised if I get any of it done. I could tidy up around my friend but do not want her to get bored, she rocks... 6 more mins until I can go... *sighs* See y'all later.

G xx

BTW I do not talk like this in real life.
15 more minutes...

Internet Safety Assignment

Ok so yeah we have to do this thing about internet safety which I absolutely hate. It is officially my least fave subject EVER! Brings back bad memories... anyways... yeah so...

Ok, important to check your myspace and facebook accounts. My sis did a project on websites like them and found out loads of freaky stuff. Turns out my setting meant that anyone at my school had access to all my photos! This is not too bad but you could find out that all people you went on some random holiday with like, 4 years ago know where you live so yeah. Also on myspace they have this thing where they track what you search for on goole and what you buy on amazon and then tailors the adverts it shows you. Not sure how this is bad but kind of freaky huh? There is a way you can change your privacy settings so that it does not do it.

Ok and yeah, youtube, do not put people you know on youtube without their permission because you get in trouble and it sucks.

I guess the most obvious things are DO NOT put info about yourself on the net and DO NOT talk to strangers.

Yeah I have to go to this appointment thing soon so hoping I do not have to do any more work now. Just going to try and keep looking busy until I get to go in like 27 mins. Wonder why this site is not blocked at school but mydeardiary.com is... that site rocks!

G xx